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Lock and Key Set

Lock and Key Set

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Unlock a world of practical life skills with the Montessori & Me Lock and Key Set—a unique learning material that fosters independence through play. This hands-on activity helps children develop critical skills in matching, sorting, categorizing and counting while also honing fine motor skills through...

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How many locks are included in this set?

Our Lock and Key Set includes 5 locks and their accompanying keys.

Are these locks safe for children to use?

The locks included in this set are tested to ensure that there are no heavy metals present. Due to the small parts, however, adult supervision is highly recommended.

Is the wooden tray included?

Yes! Our Lock and Key Set includes a beautiful wooden tray for presenting the activity or neatly storing the locks and keys.

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Lock and Key Set

Regular price $19.95 USD
Regular price Sale price $19.95 USD

Customer Reviews

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Love these!

Bought these for my son's 5th birthday and they are great! They are very sturdy and my 5 year old has no problem locking and unlocking them.

Casey Ohman

This was sent as a gift to our child's daycare facility. They have since mentioned to us that this is one of the most played with toys in their program. The kids love the keys and locks and it is so easy for them to handle and use.

Brenda Holopirek
Very small in size

This is very small not what I expected so be sure to read measurements.

Mrs. Perkins
very well made 4 year old loves it

very well made, 4 year old loves it

Great gift for a teacher’s classroom!

My son’s preschool teacher had this on her classroom wishlist, and from what I’ve heard, it has been a great tool for the kids! It’s also pretty durable, as it is still intact after being in the hands of a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds ! Great gift for teachers..and even something different to have in waiting rooms (doctor’s and dentist’s offices, etc) to keep kids entertained for awhile!

An Excellent Practical Life Activity

An Excellent Practical Life Activity

The Montessori & Me lock and key set is the perfect practical life activity to satisfy your child’s curiosity while also helping them develop an excellent real-world skill. With 5 unique locks of varying sizes and functions, your child will be enthralled with exploring and understanding how each of them works!

Cultivate Coordination and Concentration

Cultivate Coordination and Concentration

Exploration and manipulation of the locks and keys helps to develop your child’s fine motor skills, visual discrimination, coordination and concentration. Each key is matched one-to-one with a lock, so the activity is both self-teaching and self-correcting. The locks are perfectly sized for little hands, making them easy for children to use.

Keep it Organized

Keep it Organized

A beautifully crafted activity tray with handles is included for easy clean-up and transport! Use it for organizing your lock and key set or repurpose it for other activities.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Start with just one lock and gradually add more, based on your child's readiness. Place the locks in a row in front of your child and leave the keys in the wooden tray. Model for your child by taking the first lock and selecting one of the keys from the tray. If the key opens the lock, leave it in place and return the opened lock to its original spot. If the key doesn't open the lock, return it to the tray and try a different key. Continue this process until all locks have been unlocked and your child is ready to try on his or her own.