About Us

Montessori & Me offers quality wooden Montessori learning tools that help build independence during your child's lifelong learning journey. 

OUR MISSION: Bring Montessori Home 


This is a story of two passionate dads on a heartfelt mission. A mission to bring Montessori home by offering top-notch educational materials to parents and educators who want the absolute best for their little ones.


Andrew is Mike’s long-time friend and entrepreneurial business partner. The two nerdy engineers have worked side-by-side for a number of years, successfully co-founding businesses that align with their greatest passions and interests. Andrew recently became a dad to a newborn of his own, little Aliza. She was introduced to the world in April 2020. As a new dad, Andrew naturally gravitated towards Montessori methods for Aliza’s upbringing. 


Andrew is the second part of the daddy duo. Mike and Andrew have been designing top quality products since 2014. Andrew recently had a little baby of his own! Little Aliza was born on April 26, 2020. He is obsessively reading and watching everything he can about Montessori teaching methods. 

With Ashley as our creative director, we are on a mission to make the best value Montessori products that exist. It is important to us that all of the materials are sustainably sourced real wood. Each product needs to follow the true intentions of Maria Montessori’s philosophies. Each product is focused on one aspect of learning. 

Give your child the best opportunity possible.