Copy of About Us

Montessori & Me offers quality wooden Montessori learning tools that help build independence during your child's lifelong learning journey. 

OUR MISSION: Bring Montessori Home 


We are two dads on a mission. A mission to provide the best quality wooden Montessori products at the best value. 


Mike is an engineer, designer, and entrepreneur. But he is most proud to be a dad to two toddlers. Yes, two of them! He was inspired but his wife, Ashley, and her successful YouTube channel, Hapa Family. Mike and Ashley have been obsessing about giving their girls the best education possible. Ashley often complained about the issues and costs of Montessori products on the market. It was either cheap Chinese knock-offs on Amazon (who knows how safe they are) or expensive specialty stores. Mike wanted to fix that! That why he started designing his own products!


Andrew is the second part of the daddy duo. Mike and Andrew have been designing top quality products since 2014. Andrew recently had a little baby of his own! Little Aliza was born on April 26, 2020. He is obsessively reading and watching everything he can about Montessori teaching methods. 

With Ashley as our creative director, we are on a mission to make the best value Montessori products that exist. It is important to us that all of the materials are sustainably sourced real wood. Each product needs to follow the true intentions of Maria Montessori’s philosophies. Each product is focused on one aspect of learning. 

Give your child the best opportunity possible.